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Individual Programs

 Networking Competency Assessment

How good are your networking skills?  

In 20 minutes or less you will get a score for each of the 8 competencies + insight into your skill level for each competency.


$49.00 USD

 Networking Competency Assessment - Coaching Session

A 60 minute coaching session on your NCA results.

Specific actions you can take to improve your ability to build relationships.

30 days of email follow up.

Only available following purchase of Networking Competency Assessment

$250.00 USD

Networking Know-How 

A 5-hour online course

An in depth learning experience on the 4 Contacts Count Foundational Competencies

An interactive journal to guide you every step of the way.

Recommendations for using your skills with real life practice.

Coming Soon

 Cohort Coaching Program

A 6-week program limited to 10 participants

Access to the Networking Know How online course

A coaching program that will improve your skills in real time through interactions with the group.

$2100.00 USD

 One-on-One Coaching Program

A 10-week program that will cover each of the 8  competencies

Includes the Networking Competency Assessment and access to the Networking Know How online course.

You will learn skills, behaviors, tools and strategies that will help you unlock the power of human connection.

$4500.00 USD

Strategic Connections

 "The New Face of Networking in a Collaborative World."

The 8 Contacts Competencies with a focus on your team and organization.

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Make Your Contacts Count

Everybody has contacts. Not everybody had contacts that count!

A practical step-by-step guide for creating, cultivating and capitalizing on your relationships.

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Corporate Programs

Contacts Count understands every organization is unique!

When we work with an organization, we customize our approach to the vision, value, mission and the specific outcomes needed to achieve positive results.

Here are some examples of the programs we have delivered to organizations large and small

  • A webinar for onboarding new employees 
  • Using the Contacts Count approach for sales teams and/or brand development 
  • A series of sessions spaced over time to ensure skill development
  • Train the Trainer Programs for organizations who license the Contacts Count material
  • A focus on referral marketing for small businesses
  • Skill development for MBA programs and law schools

Want Achieve More! Do More! and Give More?

Build collaboration using the Contacts Count approach to building trust based mutually beneficial relationships. 

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