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Get the personalized training and one-on-one coaching

that empowers high achieving professionals to build authentic, productive relationships with individuals that can transform their businesses and careers

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Get the personalized training and one-on-one coaching

that empowers high achieving professionals to build authentic, productive relationships with individuals that can transform their businesses and careers

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You’re smart. You’re accomplished. It’s time for you to create the open, diverse network you need to propel your business or career success.

But it’s hard to know how to expand your network in a consistent, strategic way. And when you do meet a good contact, it’s hard to create authentic rapport and find a natural way to work your business or career objectives into the conversation. After all, you don’t want to be salesy (yuck!)

So you try multiple marketing strategies like spending hours on LinkedIn, spending money on ads, or hiring consultants, but you’re frustrated because all of that time, money and energy spent still hasn’t helped you create that steady pipeline of influential contacts that can bring you referrals to clients, job opportunities, and more…

The thing doesn't have to be this way.

You can effortlessly attract and engage influential people, who cannot wait to work with you, just by upgrading your natural relationship skills

Contacts Count is the premier coaching and training organization dedicated to helping you use the power of human connection to transform your career, business, and life.

Our exclusive, proven strategies can help even the most introverted person create an extremely valuable network with confidence and ease

Here’s How It Works:

Assessment and Analysis

We begin our engagement with an exclusive assessment, which evaluates your networking perceptions, gaps, and needs against our eight proven competencies to identify your strengths and challenges. Then we review the results together and develop a strategic roadmap so you can master the skills you need to build your network naturally and productively.

Your customized roadmap will help you:

  • Quickly overcome the mindset gaps that have been keeping you from expanding your network
  • Build a professional network with clarity and focus.
  • Reduce the time you spend at inappropriate networking events and on ineffective marketing tactics.

On-Demand Training

Next, the training begins. You know you need to build a network, but most experts usually spout generic tips or useless anecdotes. Nobody ever really tells you what to say or how to create an open and diverse network of professionals who can skyrocket your success – until now.

Our on-demand resources offers the foundational material you need to master each of the eight competencies, so you can use these skills for a lifetime. It includes scripts, templates, tools, and videos that take the mystery out of building your network, as well as knowing what to say and when to say it. You’ll never feel awkward or “salesy” in a professional conversation again.

Download the 8 competencies now

Actionable Coaching

Next, we provide the personalized coaching you need to conquer your unique challenges and implement your roadmap to success. Through a skillful combination of practice, troubleshooting, and accountability, you'll turn theory into practice and accelerate the mastery of the skills you need to succeed.

You will:

  • Learn how to consistently meet the individuals who could propel your business or career.
  • Quickly master the art of naturally turning interest into an actual sales or recruiting conversation.
  • Reduce the cycle time to meeting influential people who can boost your business or career.
  • Increase your ability to establish credibility and rapport with them.
  • Dramatically increase your business or job opportunities.

Responsive Support

You just landed a big meeting tomorrow, but your coaching appointment isn’t until next week? You don’t have to figure it all out on your own - we’ve got you covered! Our responsive support will give you the advice you need, when you need it, enhancing your ability to deal with real-world challenges and opportunities.

Fuel your long-term success by growing a network of people who can’t wait to work with you and refer you to others.

With Contacts Count exclusive program you will:

  • Improve the outcomes of the conversations you're already having with your prospects and business contacts.
  • Be confident that you know what to say and do in every networking situation.
  • Create mutually beneficial connections with high-net-worth individuals that can fuel all aspects of your business.
  • Create a stable and scalable client pipeline by consistently engaging in productive conversations with people you meet. 
  • Drastically reduce the resources you spend learning and implementing complicated digital marketing tactics (that you can't stand anyway)
  • Master the relationship skills that will propel you forward in all aspects of your business

I'm humbled by my clients comments
after working with us...

I was searching and struggling with finding a new position when I met Vern. He showed me how to effectively network and as a result I was able to land my dream job!

Rick Wentheiser | Manager of Process Improvement at Discover Financial Services

I was looking for something/someone to help me get to the next level of success in my career and business. In working with Vern, I gained clarity. I used the 8 competencies to grow my network effortlessly. I turned my existing network into a real asset. Most importantly I gained confidence and competence in my ability to build relationships. I now approach networking in a more intentional and deliberate way.

Bolaji Olagunju | CEO of The WorkForce Group/Nigeria

Vern helped me take more than two decades of experience, lessons learned, accomplishments, passion and more and create MY story — a story that truly reflects me and my career goals. More importantly, he guided me through how to tell my story to the right people, at the right time! This helped me take a giant step in my career path toward a position that will open many doors.

Melissa Ferrari | VP – Membership + Operations –American College of Preventative Medicine

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When we decide to move forward, we’ll create and implement custom customized roadmap to networking mastery, so you can attract and engage the influential individuals who can transform your business or career.

Step 3:

Enjoy an open and diverse network that will allow you to leverage the power of human connection to change your professional life forever.

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Learn and apply the skills you need to dramatically improve your networking approach.   Reduce the time it’ll take to find that person who has the power to hire you, advance your career or become a new customer!

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