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Get customized workshops and
group coaching programs

that educate and empower your team to create authentic, engaging relationships that can transform your business and their careers.


Contacts Count understands every organization is unique in some ways. When we work with an organization, we customize our approach to the vision, value, mission and the specific outcomes needed to achieve the results you need to drive strategy, innovation and customer loyalty.

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Get customized workshops and group coaching programs

that educate and empower your team to create authentic, engaging relationships that can transform your business and their careers.

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"I don't know how to get my team beyond targets and quotas and focus on building relationships?"

Sound familiar?

You know that developing long-term relationships is the key to success.

You know that nurturing the right relationships can create highly successful careers and businesses.

You know that if you can get your team to move beyond transactions and focus on connection, they could ignite emotional engagement between your customers and your company – and help you outperform the competition.

But developing your team towards this end can be challenging…especially when you and your team have so much on your plate.

You've tried hiring sales coaches and consultants…who offer entertaining-but-useless anecdotes and generic tips about building a network and creating authentic relationships with clients.

The thing is...It doesn't have to be this way.

Contacts Counts is the premier networking training organization that offers customized corporate programs for leaders looking to accelerate revenue growth and increase competitive differentiation using the power of networking and human connection.

Research indicates that an open network is the key to accelerating business results and growing careers – and we teach "the secret sauce" that makes this happen. Research also demonstrates that the "unconnected employee" affects the success of any organization in a number of ways.

We tailor learning experiences that match your company priorities and culture using our proven competencies and world-class training.

We have helped companies like KPMG, DuPont, Lockheed Martin, the American Bankers Association, Georgetown University Law School, and the CIA grow their team's networking mastery so they can:

  • Upgrade their natural relationship skills
  • Create a valuable network with confidence and ease
  • Become a trusted advisor to their clients
  • Improve team cohesion and innovation
  • Dramatically increase business opportunities
  • Improve their close rates and sales revenue

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Contacts Counts offers highly customized programs that help you create a positive culture, improve performance, and drive results.

Here's how it works:

Step 1:

Group Assessment and Analysis

We begin our engagement with our complete assessment, which evaluates each of your team member's networking perceptions, gaps, and needs against our eight proven competencies. In addition to the individual reports, you will receive a group report identifying the team's needs and gaps. We review the results together and develop a customized program to maximize your investment.

Step 2:

Custom Program Development

Next, we customize the perfect training program for your team's needs – and your budget. Whether your team needs a workshop, group coaching, or individual coaching, all programs include the foundational material they need to master each of the eight competencies so that they can use these skills for a lifetime.

Your team will benefit from our exclusive scripts, templates, tools, ebooks, and videos that take the mystery out of expanding their network and enhancing their client relationships. They will turn theory into practice and accelerate their ability to attract, engage, and develop long-term relationships with new and existing clients through a skillful combination of practice, troubleshooting, and accountability. They will master these skills individually and as a team, which will, in turn, benefit your entire organization.


Customized Follow-Up

Once your team's program is complete, their support is just getting started. Your customized program also includes the follow-up assessments, education, and just-in-time coaching your team needs to make sure they continue to hone the relationship skills that generate new clients, repeat business, and referrals for years to come.

I'm humbled by my clients comments
after working with us...

Vern Schellenger has been a tremendous resource to our client development team! We actively use the Contacts Count techniques to really engage our clients, ask the right questions and address their concerns and challenges.

Mike Ristagno, PharmD, MBA | Chief Client Office, CareKinesis, Inc.

I was concerned that our team members did not fully appreciate the importance of connections, not only for our business but for their own lifetime needs. Vern provided the specific “how to” skills, behaviors, and strategies that has helped the team change the way they think and act when it comes to building relationships. These changes in our approach to building relationships will be very helpful in recruiting the additional talent we need to grow. And just as importantly, present the Note Advisors brand in a way that helps gain new clients.

Tom Waring | Principal Note Advisors (Wealth Management)

I had major concerns about the ability of our MBA students to use their networking skills in finding jobs as graduation approached. We hired Contacts Count to create a program to improve their skills. The improvement was dramatic. The group’s average score on the 8 networking competencies improved from the low 50’s to the high 70’s in less than 90 days. And most importantly they used their skills to build relationships and land jobs. A number of the students said the program changed their lives.

Gil Yancey | former Executive Director of Career Development George Washington University School of Business

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