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Get Control of Your Business or Career

We help high-achieving professionals create genuine relationships with influential individuals who can propel their business or career

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Get Control of Your Business or Career

We help high-achieving professionals create genuine relationships with influential individuals who can propel their business or career

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Are you currently employed, a business owner, or job seeker who:

  • Struggles with finding potential clients or job opportunities
  • Dreads networking meetings because you stumble for the words that describe what you do
  • Hates using LinkedIn and other online marketing tactics
  • Has tried to learn how to network but got fed up with generic tips and useless anecdotes

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Grow your business or career by upgrading your natural relationship skills
(even if you're an introvert)

Our networking program is unique because it is:


Our exclusive research-based networking competencies are the foundation of our training and coaching. Focus on these skills to create the open and diverse network you need to take your business or career to the next level – and beyond.

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8 competencies now


Our scripts, templates, tools, and videos take the mystery out of building your network, as well as knowing what to say and when to say it. Our coaching will help you turn theory into practice and accelerate the mastery of the skills you need to achieve your objectives.

Includes Customized Support

No cookie-cutter coaching here. We personalize your program to your needs, learning style, and goals. We also offer responsive support, so you'll always be prepared for real-world challenges and opportunities. In short, you'll get what YOU need to succeed.

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Hi, I’m Vern Schellenger,

President & CEO of Contacts Count,

the premier training organization for high achieving professionals who want to grow their business or career by using their natural relationship skills.

I've been in the development industry for 30 something years. My team and I help our clients get control of their business or career by showing them exactly how to make authentic, mutually beneficial connections. We make it so easy that networking becomes incorporated into their regular conversations and routines, so it transforms their businesses, careers, and lives.

If you've been struggling with strategically expanding your network and building genuine relationships with the right people, let's talk!

What are you waiting for? You could have so many more opportunities at your fingertips!

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Our proven practices and personalized support turn networking from a chore to a joy

I was searching and struggling with finding a new position when I met Vern. He showed me how to effectively network and as a result I was able to land my dream job!

Rick Wentheiser | Manager of Process Improvement at Discover Financial Services

I was looking for something/someone to help me get to the next level of success in my career and business. In working with Vern, I gained clarity. I used the 8 competencies to grow my network effortlessly. I turned my existing network into a real asset. Most importantly I gained confidence and competence in my ability to build relationships. I now approach networking in a more intentional and deliberate way.

Bolaji Olagunju | CEO of The WorkForce Group/Nigeria

Vern helped me take more than two decades of experience, lessons learned, accomplishments, passion and more and create MY story — a story that truly reflects me and my career goals. More importantly, he guided me through how to tell my story to the right people, at the right time! This helped me take a giant step in my career path toward a position that will open many doors.

Melissa Ferrari | VP – Membership + Operations –American College of Preventative Medicine

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Here's how we can work together

Step 1:
Schedule a 30 minute call

We offer free, no obligation, consultations if you'd like to discuss your goals and see if Contacts Count is the right fit for you.

Step 2:
Create and implement your custom roadmap

Our next step will be to design and implement a customized roadmap to networking mastery. We will tailor your program to your learning style, budget, and priorities. You'll get all of the scripts, tools, and coaching, so you'll never struggle with networking again and finally have control over your business or career.

Step 3:
Make networking an art, not an accident

Networking will become effortless. Using the power of human connection, you'll be able to transform your professional life forever. You'll never wonder, "Where will my next opportunity come from?" again.

Stop worrying about where your next client or job opportunity will come from

Learn a process that will empower you to create the network you need to consistently amplify your growth and success

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Discover the tweaks you can make to your networking approach that will help you dramatically improve your skills and reduce the time it'll take to find that person who has the power to hire you!