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What do I Know About Networking?

careers networking relationships Jun 06, 2023

Did you ever think you knew nothing about a topic, then took a self-assessment, only to discover that you really know a great deal? Or maybe you’ve experienced the reverse: took a test that you thought you would ace, only to discover you were missing a few vital concepts?

That’s one reason we created the Networking Competency Assessment – to help you understand what you already know and what new concepts you might benefit from learning.

Research studies have proven that the # 1 predictor of career success is a broad, open, diverse network! So taking time to assess your networking competency is worth it!


Here’s how:

  1. Take the Free Contacts Count Assessment to get a quick bird’s eye view of your networking habits and skills as measured against the 8 Contacts Count Networking Competencies. It takes about 10 minutes.

  2. Take a deeper dive with the full Networking Competency Assessment (NCA) to get an overall score and a 12 -page report detailing your networking habits and skills across the 8 Contacts Count Competencies. The self-assessment takes about 20 minutes to complete.

  3. Improve your Networking Skills. At the Contacts Count website, you can
    • Join the Contacts Count email list for a steady stream of insights.
    • Sign up for one (or several) coaching sessions.
    • Sign up for the Networking Know-How self study online course.
    • Register for a cohort coaching class covering the Foundational Networking Competencies


Contacts Count is the premier training organization for high achieving professionals who want to grow their business or career by using their natural relationship skills. We’re dedicated to helping you harness the power of human connection, as you build mutually beneficial relationships.

Discover tweaks you can make to your networking approach that will help you dramatically improve your skills and reduce the time it’ll take to find that person who has the power to hire you!