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The Power of Human Connection - Part 2

Jul 23, 2023

The Power of Human Connection – Part 2

by Vern Schellenger, CEO Contacts Count  2023

Contacts Count is dedicated to help everyone we work with unleash the power of human connection in both their professional and personal life.

Chat GPT says: Overall, the power of human connection arises from a combination of: empathy, authenticity, active listening, shared values, mutual support, shared experiences, respect and acceptance, effective communication, emotional intelligence, and the investment of time and effort.

That’s a lot to unpack and may seem overwhelming at first.  The Contacts Count approach to building trust-based mutually beneficial relationships involves many of these skills and behaviors.  Here are some examples of what we do at Contacts Count creates the possibility for the power of human connection in your life.



Using effective communications skills is essential if you want to build a trust-based mutually beneficial relationship.  The Communicate Your Expertise competency involves clearly communicating to another person who you are, what you do, what you like, don’t like, your goals and challenges and much more.  This takes time and a number of separate conversations.  Telling short, to the point stories is an effective communication technique that can teach others a lot about who you are. The more you teach the other person who you are the greater likelihood they can help you. The Engage Others competency requires you actively listen to what the other person is telling you and use open ended questions to learn more.  The more you learn about the other person the better position you are in to give them something they need or want. When individuals communicate openly and respectfully, it facilitates understanding, resolves conflicts, and nurtures stronger connections.


Shared Experiences

Once a trust based mutually beneficial relationship develops most likely both of you have identified some things you have in common.  You both like to read and share the best book you have read with the other person.  If both of you are in the same profession you may share articles, attend networking events together, and help each other solve problems.  You are both into a particular sport and you have conversations about your team.  If you both root for the same team and the win the championship you celebrate together.  Whether it's celebrating accomplishments together or going through difficult times as a team, shared experiences create lasting memories and deepen the bond between individuals.


Shared Values

Shared values provide a common ground for people to connect. More than likely many of the people who you are close to in your network share your values.  This common ground makes conversations more frequent and creates a sense of unity.  Shared values also create a foundation for lasting connections.  At Contacts Count we often talk about the “dormant” relationships in your network.  People you have not had any conversations with in over a long period of time – maybe a year or maybe 10 years.  Reaching out to these individuals almost always creates an instant re-connection.  They have experienced your character and competence and you have experienced theirs.  Each of you will remember the shared values and shared experiences that allows both of you to reconnect so easily.


About the Author

Vern Schellenger, President and CEO of Contact Count.

Contacts Count is the premier coaching and training organization dedicated to helping you use the power of human connection to transform your career, business, and life.

Vern is dedicated to empowering professionals and entrepreneurs with the strategies, skills and tools to master networking (even if they are introverted and don’t like networking events). His vast experience includes such roles as HR VP and CLO at Dunkin Donuts, VP & Director of Professional Services at Lee Hecht Harrison, and SR VP of Human Resources at American Bankers Association.

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