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Thrilling, Important and Daunting - Setting a Worldly Goal

Jan 06, 2024

In September of 2021 I was wrestling with the decision whether or not to buy the Counts Count brand.  I listened to a webinar from Michael Bungay Stanier (best-selling author of The Coaching Habit, named #1 thought leader in coaching,

 He said be ambitious for yourself and the world.  Set a worldly goal – a goal that is worthy of my life and worthy of the world.

A worldly goal has three key components:


 I immediately identified with each of these three key components.

 Thrilling – what lights you up?  Something I would love to do.  My passion for the work that Contacts Count  began in 2007 and becomes stronger every day.

Important – what if you could give more to the world than you take?   The Contacts Count approach to networking has transformed my life.  I want share, teach, and coach as many people as possible in the world the skills and behaviors that can transform their lives.

 Daunting - a worldly goal takes you to the edge of your skills.  It takes you out of your comfort zone.  You know how to start but you don’t know how to finish it.



I think most of the lessons learned in my journey most people are familiar with – so this list may just be a reminder of important steps we should all take as we live our life.  And just maybe some of these lessons learned will provide a new perspective for others.



Whenever we find our passion for the work we do it is a gift.  We experience all kinds of positive feelings and emotions.  As excited as I was to have the opportunity to become the owner of Contacts Count, I recognized I needed to pause and think about the decision I was about to make – exactly what was I signing up for?

When faced with any major decision most of us reach out to others to get some advice.

This is a core strategy of Contacts Count.  In making any big decision it is important to get as much advice, information, and data as possible.  I made a list of people based on two criteria – people with whom I had the deepest connection AND who knew a good deal about the work I did with Contacts Count.  What did they think of this opportunity?  What advice could they give me?  What have I not thought about in relation to making this decision?  At the end of the day, I still needed to own whatever decision I would make.  My network gave me honest feedback and support.  They also reinforced in my mind how much energy and passion I have for Contacts Count. 


  • IMPORTANT - The Power of Human Connection

I chose the power of human connection as the tagline for the new logo for Contacts Count.  The outcome for all the work we do at Contacts Count is to empower others to build a network of as many trust-based mutually beneficial relationships as possible. These are the relationships that can and will transform both your professional and personal life.  My experience over the past 24 months has validated the power of human connection again and again.  There have been literally hundreds of people who have helped me in some way to make the launch of Contacts Count a reality.


  • DAUNTING  - a/k/a Be Willing to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Most of the things we learn in life take us out of our comfort zone.  We knew that riding a bike would mean falls and scraped knees.  We did it anyway because of our desire not to be the only kid on the block who could not ride a bike.  Being motivated and willing to get out of my comfort zone was something I knew was going to be critical if I was to succeed in deciding to take on this challenge.

Did I really want to do this knowing it would challenge me in ways that I had never been challenged before?  Did I really know what I was signing up for?  How much time and money would I need to commit to remake and revitalize the Contacts Count brand?

 Some of the challenges I would face I was aware of.  Some of the challenges I have faced were a surprise.  Some days I have been as high as a kite.  Some days discouraged and down in the dumps.  I have learned a lot.  I still have a lot more to learn as I go forward.   Living outside your comfort zone takes courage and a willingness to know you will make mistakes along the way. What has helped me continue to move forward is a desire to succeed, a passion and commitment to the Counts Count brand, and reaching out to others to help me get up the learning curve on a whole host of different things.




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