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How to Network in a New Job

Nov 12, 2023

In a recent Harvard Business Review article Rob Cross and Peter Gray shared their research on how to network in the organization where you just landed a job. 

 “Research on 40,000 people shows that the most effective strategy is not broad outreach or relying on a mentor to make introductions but instead a more selective, less superficial initial approach followed by diversification beyond the two-year mark.”

Best not to try to meet lots of fellow employees in the first 90 days on the job.  Take some time to figure out who are the people you need to meet that can have the greatest impact on your success.  This is an example of Taking a Strategic Approach – one of the 8 competencies developed by Contacts Counts. 

Start with your boss.  A great resource is Michael Watkins book “The First 90 Days”.

He suggests asking 5 key questions:

1- What are your goals and expectations?

2 - How do you prefer to communicate?

3 - What challenges are you facing?

4- What qualities do you love in the people you work with?

5 - How do you spend your free time?

I would add -  What are the key goals/objectives you expect me to accomplish in the first 3-6 months?


Most of us in our career have worked for some great bosses and for a  few not so great bosses.  The relationship with your boss is the most critical factor to your success in the job.


Start to build relationships with the other members of your team, and members of other departments who work closely with your department.  Every organization is unique.  So there may be someone else besides this intitial list that is important to your success.

Approach each of your conversations with a positive networking identity – one of teaching and giving.  

What can I teach the other person about who I am, what my key skills are and some of the key accomplishments I have achieved in my previous jobs.

What can I learn from the other person that helps me understand the culture better, how does my role interact with what they do, how can I best support them. 

And during these conversations most likely questions will pop into your head that will help you gain more clarity about your role, how it interacts with others and how you can make the greatest contribution to the team and the organization.

 Have you had a great onboarding experience when joining a company?  Would welcome the opportunity to hear your story – [email protected]



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